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A culture and language enthusiast, I pursued my studies of the humanities by obtaining my undergraduate degree in International Relations with a background in Cultural & Social Anthropology and Linguistics. My research interests include various aspects of precolonial culture in the Philippines. 


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Welcome to my website - my online space to both personally and professionally express my hobbies, thoughts, and travel activities through blogging.


Advocating for human rights. Studying cultural anthropology and linguistics. Reading world history and culture. Travelling internationally. Exploring cultures and customs. Language learning. Representing precolonial Philippine traditions. 


Studying Kathak, a classical Indian dance form. Singing. Practicing creative techniques as a Certified Makeup Artist. Making Philippine jewelry through beading. Expressing personal style, often through sewing.  Interior decorating and design enthusiast.


Creating Youtube makeup tutorials on both everyday looks and special occasions. Managing my travel blog, "Cultural Musings" and my lifestyle and beauty blog.


Making traditionally-inspired contemporary Filipino jewelry to raise cultural awareness in a modern world. Cultural bearer of precolonial Philippine traditions. 


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